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TZL-C30 Automatic Winde

This machine has the functions of independent movement of the package yarn suction nozzle, independent movement of the cop yarn suction nozzle, independent movement of the splicer, etc. Through the independent control of each function, the machine can shorten the stop during twisting, changing the tube and its repeated movement. Table time. The winding speed can be up to 220M / min.

TZL-C35 Automatic Rewinder

This machine adopts the optimized yarn path and advanced electronic information control technology, and uses the residual yarn of the package yarn to provide a professional and efficient solution for weaving and knitting.

TZL-C36 Automatic Rewinder

This machine performs tight rewinding on the loose yarn after the yarn dyeing process is completed. It is suitable for high-precision yarn clearing and split processing of the finished yarn of air-jet spinning. It has advanced electronic information technology such as intelligent control of the twisting cycle.

SGB Two For One Twister For Fil Aments

This machine is suitable for the ply processing of cotton, wool, blended, chemical fiber and other yarns. It adopts central computer control design, single-spindle motor independent control, only electronic anti-stacking control, fault automatic diagnosis analysis and monitoring and other comprehensive modern intelligent functions.


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